Global G2 Giveaway

by Amocca
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Introducing the Amocca x Global Giveaway!

Stand a chance to win ONE (1) Global G-2 in our lottery draw to be conducted at the end of this month. Crafted by legendary designer Komin Yamada, the Global G-2 is an international bestseller and renowned piece of culinary tool amongst professionals and amateurs alike.

With a retail value of S$143, this can be yours for a nominal spend of just S$1. Additionally, at the end of the draw, a 40% discount code good for all Global merchandise would be issued to each and every participant of this draw.

Terms & Conditions
• One Draw Ticket (S$1) = One (1) Chance of Winning
The 40% Code issued end of the month is Non-Transferable
• Now - Sept 29 : Amocca Giveaway Event (Sale of Draw Tickets)
• Sept 30 3pm : Announcement of Winner of Global G2 Giveaway (link)
• Oct 01 : Issuance of 40% Code to ALL Participants
• Oct 02 - Oct 15 : Validity & Expiration of Coupon Code

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